We invite you to the ElitExpo sales exhibition, which will be held on June 22-25 in the Palace of Arts on the street. Copernicus 17.

We will present all new collections and exclusive products. You will be able to see live and try on jewelry.

At the exhibition, there will be a special offer and a raffle of a certificate for 3000 UAH among the participants and buyers of the exhibition.

Rules of participation and raffle:

1. Follow the Qr-code, which is located on the showcase of our stand in Lviv

2. In the feedback form, fill in the contact details, in the comment state: "participant of this exhibition in Lviv"

3. The chance of winning a certificate when buying jewelry increases 20 times

4. One registration per phone number is accepted

5. The draw will take place on June 26 using a randomizer, the results will be announced in a private message and on social media. company networks

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